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At Wilson and Wilson Folk Art Company, we strive to create beautiful American Folk Art.

Blakeley Wilson and Sylvia Wilson

About Us

Wilson and Wilson Folk Art

Wilson and Wilson Folk Art Company showcases contemporary American Folk Art in the unique styles of Blakeley Wilson and her mother, Sylvia Wilson. Their gallery is a cornucopia of marvelous artwork, where you can find either Blakeley or Sylvia painting and greeting visitors every day. Blakeley has always been passionate about painting, saying that she learned to paint before she learned to write. She paints her visions of an ideal world, where she walks with her paintbrush guiding her, one detail at a time, until the painting is complete, adding things like a bluebird, lilac, a white cat, or a sunflower.

The paintings reflect the seasons and holidays and depict an idyllic world where charming old houses stand with quilts flapping on the line just off the porch, and dogs, ducks, cows, chickens, and always white cats are close by. Rockefeller was a popular Christmas creation, and patrons love summer’s Sea Side Fun, complete with beach umbrellas and roller coasters. The shop also carries unique handmade pieces that are original American art at its best.

Blakeley grew up in the family business and says, “My mother has always painted. Her true passion involved painting folk art scenes. From as far back as I can remember, Daddy would carve duck decoys, and Mother painted them. When she was a young woman, she would paint with me on her knee.” Blakeley’s mother painted the most wonderful wildlife scenes that paired with the duck decoys her father carved, and they sold them at arts and crafts shows all over the United States. Blakeley remembers fondly, “My Dad always made sure we were in school on Monday morning even if he had to drive around the clock to get there.”

Reflecting on her life now, Blakeley says, “I paint. That’s what I do. It is the one thing that I love with all my heart. No matter what is happening in my life, it’s easy for me to lose myself in the idyllic life I paint – where there is a perfect little home with hundreds of cats that you never have to feed.” Prints, wrap canvases, and note cards are created from the original art, making it accessible to everyone.


Brooks Wilson

Mother and I invite you to see my brother’s art. Brooks Wilson is such a fine realistic wildlife artist and woodcarver. To learn more about Brooks and the art he is creating, please visit his website at BrooksWilsonArt.com

In Fayetteville you may view Blakeley’s Art and have expert help in all your framing needs. They also do all our printing on Canvas, Paper, Metal and Glass.

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If you like an image and may need a different size, we will customize to most proportional sizes.

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