The Book ” The Story Of Our Family


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This is a book about an American family that made their dreams come true with grit, determination, and hard work. It is an inspiration of beauty and artistic design by the entire Wilson family, and it shows why their art remains alive and is enjoyed by anyone at any age, with any lifestyle. Wilson & Wilson folk art is true Americana art.

When you visit Blakeley Wilson at her store, Wilson & Wilson, in Eureka Springs, Arkansas you will find her there painting country scenes surrounded by all the items she loves: stuffed country cats, wooden decoys, rag rugs, bird houses, black crows, all one-of-a-kind treasures. Blakeley and Sylvia’s folk art painting is what everyone comes to admire and purchase. Brooks Wilson, Blakeley’s brother, follows in the family tradition and supplies the shop with the handmade birds and decoys like his father Michael used to create.

This book tells the story of Blakeley Wilson’s artistic career from the early days when she and her brother Brooks were small children helping their parents, Michael and Sylvia, set up shop at craft shows all across America. Blakeley and Brooks developed their talent watching their mother and father design and create. To study Sylvia and Blakeley Wilson’s folk art paintings today is almost like looking at the same image. Their artwork flows through each other and is inseparable, and it represents them personally as they are: happy, whimsical, joyful, and nostalgic. Their folk art speaks of an optimistic today and a treasured yesterday. Wilson & Wilson’s world inhabits that easy lifestyle, just like the lovely words in one of their paintings: “Let us be patient, let us be kind, Let us have faith for all mankind.”

Blakeley Wilson’s artwork and popular shop, Wilson & Wilson Folk Art Co. can be found at 23 Spring Street, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632. (479) 253-5105. Her unique style of art is refreshing and enchanting. Many of her designs have been licensed to sell by the buying public. Blakeley lives in Eureka Springs and is treasured by this little city that many call “little Switzerland of the Ozarks.” Country folk art and folk painting is all about the celebration of simpler pleasures, enriching the present, and pointing to the future. Shipping cost for this item $8.25 and will be added at check out.